AV Accessories for Indoor & Outdoor Speaking Podiums & Presentation Lecterns

Indoor & Outdoor Audio-Visual Accessories for Speaker Lecterns & Presentation Podiums

Looking for accessories to expand and extend the functionality of your lectern or podium? These AV accessories offer a variety of ways to improve performance and protect speaking fixtures of all sizes, types, and models. Items range from simple fabric podium covers to external audiovisual components such as audio speakers, microphones, and receivers in individual or pre-grouped kits. These user-friendly AV accessories are designed for simple integration into existing electronics systems and will work with a wide variety of communications technologies, including Bluetooth and wireless. These professional quality auxiliary covers, components, and sound solutions make it easy for businesses in any industry, including healthcare, worship, hospitality, government, retail, and education, to incorporate communications technologies and systems designed for public, wide access video and multimedia presentations into existing speakers furniture.

How are external audiovisual components for podiums and lecterns used?

AV accessories are designed to increase podium functionality at public, private, educational, and corporate events, including:

  • Public address, debates, or awards celebrations
  • Church services, celebrations, and festivals
  • Business presentations and meetings
  • Collaborative conferencing
  • Artistic and creative performances
  • Teaching, learning, and training
  • Conferences, conventions, and convocations

Communications technologies are constantly changing and evolving. Speaking furniture such as podiums or lecterns, however, generally represent a significant investment for any business or facility. Adding auxiliary items and external audiovisual components to existing presentation fixtures is a simple, cost-effective alternative to purchasing all-in-one systems. Alternatively, adding audiovisual accessories such as audio speakers, microphones, and receivers can accommodate differing needs in shared facility environments or healthcare, worship, hospitality, government, education, and even retail business operations.

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