Truss Podiums & Lecterns for Public Speaking at Events

Truss Lectern Podiums with Contemporary Designs and Open Metal Construction

Truss podiums and lecterns have a unique, modern look based on simple lines and contemporary design. This type of eye-catching, economical fixture will complement any environment, from traditional businesses to educational institutions, conferences, promotional events and trade shows.

Truss style lecterns are different from our other metal and traditional pulpits. These units feature welded metal construction that has a very modern look yet offers maximum stability. The strong joints ensure that truss style podiums will last for many years despite repeated use. In addition, the minimalist design uses much less material than similar wood and acrylic options, making it an economical, eco-friendly option. For this reason, a number of our metal lecterns are affordable alternatives to classic solid body designs made from more traditional materials. Another advantage of these unique pulpits is that the elegant yet reserved design that does not obstruct the speaker.

Many of our standard rectangular and triangular lecterns are produced using 100% aluminum. This enables the podiums to be very lightweight and easily transported without sacrificing stability. All the trusses and braces are spot welded in place to make sure they will withstand long years of public use. The reading surface is attached with recessed mounting screws for an even more seamless look. Many styles feature shelving and storage space that is built into the framework and welded in place for security. Powder coated finish is the standard for these truss podiums for three reasons: it applies easily, it lasts a long time, and it looks great. Neutral finish colors, shades of black, gray and silver are designed to complement any decor or environment.