Truss Podiums & Lecterns for Public Speaking at Events

Truss Lecterns Feature Durable Yet Stylish Metal Construction

Truss podiums and lecterns are different from our other metal and traditional pulpits. These units feature welded metal construction that has a very modern look yet offers tons of stability. The strong joints ensure that truss lecterns will last for many years despite repeated use. In addition, the minimal design uses much less material than similar wood and acrylic options. For this reason, a number of the truss podiums are more affordable. The savings we gain from using less material is passed directly to the customer. The other advantage of one of these unique pulpits is that the elegant yet reserved design does not obstruct the speaker. Orators and presenters are easily spotted by listeners because they can almost see right through the lecterns. Powder coated finish is the standard for these truss podiums for three reasons: it applies easily, it lasts a long time, and it looks great! Look at the wide array of truss-style lecterns right here and select the model that will add flair and functionality to your event hall or office boardroom.

Some of the standard and triangular lecterns are produced of using 100% aluminum from top to bottom. This enables the podiums to be very lightweight and easily transported. All the trusses and braces are spot welded in place to make sure they will last. The reading surface is attached with recessed mounting screws for an even more seamless look. Rather than risking damage to the reading surface with welding, we use simple hardware that makes the assembly process much easier. Another neat feature these lecterns offer is shelving. Shelves are built right into the framework and are welded in place in the same way. This way, the storage platforms can handle quite a bit of weight without any issues. Shelving is very handy, but so is a cup holder! Some of our podiums in this category feature a cup holder, so speakers can store a glass of water. Take it from Senator Marco Rubio! He will never be forgotten, but not because of his compelling speech. His good intentions will be forever haunted by his inability to come prepared, so make sure you're well hydrated during every important presentation. Buy a podium with an integrated cup holder today!