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Acrylic Podiums | Plexiglass Lecterns & Pulpits

Acrylic with Wood Uprights
Podium Lectern
With Shelf
Circular Clear Acrylic Lectern
Round Top
Circular Clear Acrylic Podium
with Aluminum Poles
Acrylic Pulpit: Desktop Low Cost Shipping Lectern!
Clear Acrylic
floor lectern
"X" Design
Clear Acrylic Lectern
"M" Design
Large Contemporary Lecturns Acrylic and Aluminum
Aluminum Sides
Extra Large Podium
Contemporary Aluminum & Acrylic Podium
Aluminum Sides
"CV" Clear Plexiglass Lecterns
Traditional Design
Large Top "CV" Acrylic Podium
Traditional Design
w/ Large Reading Surface
Traditional Acrylic Lectern
Traditional Design
with Shelf

Acrylic Podiums - Church Pulpits & Clear Lecterns with Plexiglass Design

acrylic podiumsWant an acrylic podium that makes a big impression at the next lecture or presentation? The plastic lecterns, lucite podia or clear pulpits are a small handful of thousands of furniture manufactured and ready to ship from the warehouse. The acrylic podiums are masterfully bonded and the expertly cut to guarantee that beauty and clarity is kept in tack during the constructing process. Lucite podia and clear pulpits heighten the presentation because the edges are perfectly smooth to the touch and have a transparent look. Acrylic podiums, similar to plexiglass pulpits, have crystal clear cut edges because all the edges are heated to a very high temperature after cutting them to receive this clear glass style. An entire atmosphere can be altered by simply adding contemporary Lucite lecterns. The acrylic podium uses thick transparent panels for a durable piece of presentation furniture in a church, school, conference room or other public speaking venue.

Where is a plexiglass pulpit commonly found?

plexiglass pulpit The traditional style acrylic lecterns, including clear pulpits or lucite podia preference a large base for added stability and a slanted reading surface that is perfectly sized for an open 3 ring binder. This larger top series of these presentation products are designed for those presenters that need more than a 3 ring binder when lecturing. Perhaps they need a book as well as a binder on their stands. All of these plexi speaker stands preference a book stop to guarantee presentation notes stay in place while speaking. The plexi book stop on these lecterns also has rounded edges for the comfort of an orator. The "M" church furniture and "X" plastic lecterns should be in a class all their own. These lucite podia have a futuristic modern look that is beat by no other direct constructing company out there. These lecterns, including communion tables or translucent pulpits would be suitable for any church or meeting room with the spiritual and modern style that they personify.

lucite podium Knock down church furniture and clear pulpits are wonderful on so many differing levels. Shipping costs are considerably lower because these presentation products can be shipped by ground instead of by truck. The portability of the knock down lecterns is unlimited because if a meeting room has been changed to a local hotel, this church furniture can be easily taken apart, put in a vehicle & then reassembled in a few minutes once it arrives at its final destination. Some knock down plexi lecterns come with a shelf inside to accommodate more notes & even a glass of water. Table top church furniture, such as clear pulpits, translucent communion stands, or lucite podia can be effective in a seminar room where space is inadequate & where a floor standing lectern is not really an benefit. These tabletop pulpits, or lucite podia can also be effective in special needs situations. The plexiglas styles with aluminum uprights are very appealing and elegant in any setting they are placed in. Whether you prefer the larger or smaller lucite lecterns with aluminum extensions you won't be disappointed. The plexi is so smooth and clear and the aluminum extrusions have a fabulous satin finish. Standing behind one of these plexi pulpits, confidence will soar with a high class feeling that these lecterns exude. The wood lecterns line is a recently added lectern to the plexi podia line and so far it is catching some eyes. The veneer extrusions or uprights add a little warmth to an otherwise cool design. We've added silver accents for a little flair or bling. We also offer this lucite pulpit with or without a vinyl logo applied to the front of the podium.

Where can these Lucite podium models be set-up in the establishment?

And once a decision has been made that the company or school wants to take a contemporary & modern leap into the lecturing future, the only thing missing on lucite podia, is a wireless sound system. This shows that not only do you have plexi lecterns, you have the institution & put togetherness of a company or speaker who knows not to lose an audience's attention now on a bunch of wires circling the presenter! Keep the seminar center neat and clean with a wireless sound system and wireless lapel microphone with the pulpit to show that you have it all under control. Any ideas that come from a speaker behind these speaker stands must be considered and valued higher than any other lecturer would. How can you possibly ignore presenters behind such futuristic lecterns?