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Podiums - Lectern Furniture for Office, Church & School Presentations

April 16, 2014

Choose from thousands of ready to go out today if ordered before 1pm EST podiums, podia & pulpits. The merchandisers have traveled & searched the world to find the best stands, which combine quality with low prices. The podiums for lecturers selection includes a slew of models perfect for use in all sorts of locations. This company takes a great deal of pride & satisfaction in the podium selection. The business has been operating for over 30 years. Podia, commonly called pulpits, are a necessity in any office, church, school or library. Lecterns can assist in gathering an audience’s attention during a presentation, and also assist a lecturer with notes, a laptop or computer or even a simple glass of water.

Acrylic stands, such as lucite pulpits, or plexiglass podia have clear seamless edges for an attractive presentation tool. If simple acrylic is not contemporary enough for your trade show, chapel or office, there are acrylic lectern models with aluminum trusses for added edginess. Show your clients, customers, faculty or students that you have futuristic ideas and a modern way of thinking in addition to wonderful speaking skills. The truss lecterns, such as pulpits, or podia constructed of aluminum are extremely lightweight for added versatility & mobility. Truss constructions have a stage like design that creates a unique look all of its own.

wood lecternKarl Marx once argued that religion is the opiate of the masses. Good thing Communism did not spread into the Western world! Enhance religious readings and sermons by including one of these wooden pulpits in the place of worship. The attractive finishes of these hard wood lecterns are enough to get the most agnostic crowd interested in the good news. No matter the religion, there is a sleek pulpit that will help command attention. Floor standing lecterns are very popular in churches, mosques and synagogues. However, religious leaders are welcome to choose a tabletop model. Oak, walnut and cherry finishes are available to complement the other furniture. Learn more about worshipping stands and other lecturing tools within the blog archive.

This company manufactures many veneer boardroom platforms. The process allows the in house manufacturing team to create seamless edges & a finish that is amazing! Veneer styles are a cheaper pulpit display alternative than solid hardwood styles, but with the quality of the veneer purchasers will not be disappointed with choosing a less expensive alternative for the college or chapel. Mahogany and other finishes are available. Audiences will never know it is not a hardwood pulpit! The inclusion of economy stands ensures that there is a unit in a cost range of any customer. Finished in a laminate or melamine & constructed of MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard which is a new 20th century wave of how to construct any furniture product at a cheaper cost & still ensure durability.

Nothing is better than a solid wood pulpit, such as a presentation stand, & the hardwood furniture are the best there are. The catalog includes a very high quality & a well-known lectern that past USA Presidents & the current American President have used during many important speeches addressing the nation & the world! We also offer solid wood presentation furniture at a lower cost that are extremely well crafted & perfect for any house of worship, college or office that needs to consider budget as well.

Having an outside presentation like a college gradation? It is always best to consider natural elements when choosing a pulpit. An outdoor pulpit is constructed of molded plastic to make them lightweight, durable, water resistant, seamless & screw less. A colored panel pulpit is a great looking addition to any college, chapel or office conference room or presentation hall. The anodized aluminum sides feature a channel that allows the front & rear panels to easily snap-in. Computer multimedia carts offer security, convenience & organization all in one. Keeping computer or audio video presentation aids at hand & ready to be used at a moment's notice can be very helpful in an educational atmosphere or office. But keeping thousands of dollars' worth of computer equipment out & unlocked can cost thousands more to replace. We offer locking cabinets, locking keyboard draws & side locking draws to accommodate all media & computer security furniture needs. A height adjustable pulpit can be a necessity in any church, office or educational gathering where speakers of different heights or with disabilities need access to a pulpit. No matter what your height requirements are, our adjustable height office stands are easily changeable by the installed pneumatics or are light enough to be lifted & lowered into place. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple reading desk stand to assist a presenter. We even offer stands with 2 reading desk surfaces to put perhaps a laptop computer on one & lecturing notes on one other. For a traveling trade show presenter, a foldable pulpit is a must. Or if you just need a pulpit that can be folded & put away in a closet once a lecture is done we can accommodate that as well.

Some school classrooms or office presentation rooms don't have space for a floor lectern, but they still need something that looks classy. The table top pieces range from contemporary acrylic to beautiful solid hardwood furniture. More often than not, a PA sound system is also needed to reach an entire office conference room or auditorium or congregation. We have wireless, handheld & lapel microphone options, & wireless or wired PA systems too. We have options to reach a small audience to a large arena of listeners. If our lectern does not come with an accessory you need, we probably sell it in our accessories area. We have lectern covers to protect a furniture investment, or additional microphone options or speaker configurations or even something as simple as a lectern light.

We truly hope you enjoy your furniture shopping experience & we appreciate your business. Please feel free to contact the friendly, expert customer service specialists by computer through our Live Chat or by phone to help expedite an order & answer questions. Search the metal, plastic and wood options. These units ship quickly from the warehouse. This company has been trusted sellers of office furniture for over 30 years. Shoppers will definitely find the desired style. Order today!